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Breaking News: Team CCI, Finalist in Global Learning XPRIZE!

Team CCI is one of the five finalists to advance in the Global Learning XPRIZE. The announcement was revealed on Sunday, September 17th, at this year's Social Good Summit, which is held during the United Nations General Assembly week.

The competition challenged teams all over the world to create a scalable solution that will enable children with little or no access to schools to teach themselves basic reading, writing, and arithmetic within 15 months. "Universal access to education is a major priority for XPRIZE, and we are proud to celebrate the change-making teams making impressive strides to ensure every single child has the opportunity to take learning into her own hands," said Marcus Shingles, CEO of XPRIZE Foundation. "The leading solutions born from this competition could provide the key to unlocking literacy for children most in need, access an education they otherwise wouldn't have."

The entry presented by Team CCI includes a series of structured and sequential instructional programs, as well as a platform seeking to enable non-coders to develop engaging learning content in any language or subject area. "We believe that our technology has the potential to unlock life-changing opportunities for millions of kids using literacy as the key," said Colleen Jones, president of CCI. "One of the unique aspects of our solution was the creation of an innovative authoring platform for interactive design and content production. The platform, known internally as "Pubbly," enabled our team to scale the production of interactive learning content and rapidly localize the solution for use in multiple countries and languages," added Reginald Powe, CCI's CEO.

The five finalist teams will begin field-testing their education technology solutions this November in Tanzania, where 8000 Pixel C tablets will be deployed to 150 villages in the Tanga region of the country. At the end of the field-testing phase, the team whose solution enables the greatest proficiency gains in reading, writing, and arithmetic will be named the Grand Prize Winner, to be announced in April 2019. Each of the five finalists will be required to open source both their code and their content, which will be free and available for anyone to build on.

Powe continued, "Since the inception of our company nearly 40 years ago, addressing the achievement gap in the United States has been core to our mission. The XPRIZE has enabled us to take that mission to a global scale. Effective large- scale, demonstrable change will require sustained commitment and considerable resources, but we are confident that we are on the right path and that our technology will make a difference in kids' lives. This is really only the beginning."

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