The CCI Team

No developer serving the educational sector has more experience than the CCI team. Our core staff includes some of the industry's most recognized names and with a combined experience that would be measured in centuries, not decades, it is safe to say our passion for improving instructional outcomes for all learners is the secret to our success and longevity.

Reggie Powe

CEO and Co-Founder of CCI Reggie oversees the strategic direction of CCI and its operations, as well as contracts and finance. He was also the co-founder and CEO of Metropolitan Teaching and Learning Company. Reggie has served as a consultant to federal and state agencies and large urban school districts. Prior to entering the educational field, he held senior level positions in human resources development in business and industry.

Colleen Jones

President and Co-Founder of CCI Colleen began her career as a high school teacher of English and French. Her subsequent publishing experience has spanned PreK through college levels; all major subject areas; and print and digital products.

Helen Breen

Senior Vice President, Design, Production and Technology Helen manages CCI's design, production, media integration, and manufacturing functions. Helen has integrated both new technology and outside resources, enabling CCI to offer the latest delivery systems, to meet tough schedules, and to provide competitive pricing to our clients.

Diane Galen

Senior Vice President, Reading and English Language Arts Diane manages the editorial development of CCI's reading and ELA projects-- both core and intervention. A former high school teacher in Zimbabwe, Diane applies her love of teaching and belief in the power of good instruction to all product development.

Jason Powe

Vice President, Technology Applications Jason is responsible for CCI's digital strategies, including app and iPad development. Most recently, Jason has overseen the development of two of CCI's proprietary programs, Everyday Learning Fun and Tunga Reading. A graduate of Harvard University where he tutored at risk high school students, Jason wrote an honors thesis on the achievement gap, and earned a degree in social studies. Jason has also authored several nonfiction titles on the Civil Rights movement.

Candy Rodo

Vice President, Marketing With a strong background in journalism and communications, Candy directs CCI's marketing efforts, presenting products and services to clients, as well as applying market trends to product development. A native Spanish speaker, she also oversees development strategies for English learners, including newcomers, as well as our second language, EFL, and translation work. Given her strong language skills and digital capabilities, Candy is our liaison with outside tech resources located in other countries.

Maureen O'Connor

Digital Services Director For the past 20 years Maureen has worked with Art Directors, Project Managers, Copy editors, Editors, and Designers to ensure an integrated workflow for multiple CCI projects, managing the electronic workflow and overseeing file preparation in all formats for the U.S. and abroad.

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